May 3, 2017: Testpost


Feb 1, 2017: More Kites

Slower day today, but we made some good progress towards understanding kites.

Jan 30, 2017: Serendipity

More on kites and rhombi today.

Jan 28, 2017: Constructing Kites and Conjectures

Ms Van Donselaar presented on 2.3, giving a construction of a kite. We talked a little about how to write that up, and then had a long conversation around this particular item.

Jan 25, 2017: Transition to Kites

We got two new theorems today, saw an idea for another, and then started a discussion about a thing we’ve let sit for too long.

Jan 23, 2017: Stellar Day

We made so many theorems today. It is wonderful.

Jan 20, 2017: Progress is Progress

We had two presentations and two mini-lectures today.

Jan 18, 2017: Rhombic Progress

More discussion of rhombi today.

Jan 13, 2017: Conjectures!

An important thing happened today: you made the first class conjectures, which we will add to the list of tasks for class to do.

Jan 11, 2017: Rhombi, part 1

We briefly discussed the process behind writing for the class journal.

Jan 9, 2017: Our First Theorem

We had our first meeting, and we have our first theorem! My thanks to Ms Van Donselaar for giving the first presentation.

Jan 5, 2017: Welcome to Euclidean Geometry


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