Slower day today, but we made some good progress towards understanding kites.

Ms Carpenter completed her argument from last time, and thus showed 2.5 is a theorem. Mr Schulte had much the same argument.

Without other presentations, we then set to work. Pretty quickly, we found this:

Question J: (Peters) Can we construct a kite with a given pair of sides and a given pair of opposite angles. More specifically: Given angles XYZ and \(\alpha \beta \gamma\), and segments TJ and PQ, is it possible to construct a kite ABCD such that AB is congruent to TJ, BC is congruent to PQ, angle DAB is congruent to angle XYZ and angle DCB is congruent to angle \(\alpha \beta \gamma\)?

We worked for a bit longer.

Mr Schmidt then started a proof of this statement, which we have not completed.

Lemma K: (Schmidt) Given segments AB and XY, one can construct triangle ABC so that BA and BC are both congruent to XY.

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