We had our first meeting, and we have our first theorem! My thanks to Ms Van Donselaar for giving the first presentation.

Theorem: (Maass-Pace-Van Donselaar) Let ABCD be a rhombus. Then angle ABC is congruent to angle ADC.

This settles the first claim of Conjecture 1.1. The other claim is still open.

The guiding principle for me this term is to teach you how to work like a mathematician does, and so it is easiest if we mimic the cycles of academic work. How? Well, I

  • spend a lot of time trying to figure things out which are new,
  • go to conferences to share my ideas and get feedback, and
  • write up my arguments and ideas for publication so they can be part of the public record.

You will do the same.

  • Work hard on trying to settle the conjectures we come across,
  • bring your ideas to class to share them and get feedback, and
  • write them up for publication in the class journal.

We didn’t discuss this last bit in class today, but you can find lots of info on the rest of this web site. Ms Van Donselaar, Ms Maass and Ms Pace are now responsible for writing up their work for the class journal.

Good work today. See you Wednesday.

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