Before our scheduled meeting during the sixth or seventh week of class, please write a one page reflection as indicated below. I expect you to bring this document with you to our meeting, or to email or share it with me electronically before our meeting starts.

Consider the list of standards for learning that I announced for this course. For each category, reflect upon your progress.

  • What are you doing well?
  • Where do you want to improve?

Now, prioritize your own list of “challenges to improve.” Pick one or two items that are most important to you for your future development. This is not a time to convince me that you are doing well. This is a time to reflect on your progress and make a plan for continued improvement.

How can you focus on these things during your work for the next few weeks? Make a concrete plan for implementing some improvements to your work habits.


To qualify as a passing, your document must:

  • Conform to basic standards for English grammar, usage and spelling, with minimal errors.
  • Be typed.
  • Address the prompt above.
  • Focus on critical self-assessment, rather than attempt to convince the reader of your awesomeness.
  • Be submitted before or during your interview appointment with Prof. Hitchman

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