Before our scheduled meeting during the third or fourth week of class, please write a one page reflection as indicated below. I expect you to bring this document with you to our meeting, or to email or share it with me electronically before our meeting starts.

Choose one task from the last three weeks of this course on which you have struggled. In the end, perhaps you succeeded, perhaps not, but please choose something on which you have spent a significant amount of time and effort.

Think back to how you went about your work. What parts of the process were ultimately helpful to you and got you closer to understanding the true nature of things? What have you learned about how to do mathematics that you want to keep?

What parts of your process were ineffective, in that you can see no benefit at all from working that way? What have you learned about how you have done mathematics that you need to discard?


To qualify as a passing, your document must:

  • Conform to basic standards for English grammar, usage and spelling, with minimal errors.
  • Be typed.
  • Address the prompt above.
  • Focus on critical self-assessment, rather than attempt to convince the reader of your awesomeness.
  • Be submitted before or during your interview appointment with Prof. Hitchman

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